Franklin Gem & Mineral Show


This past weekend, my fella and I took a trip to Northern New Jersey to check out the Franklin Mineral Museum‘s annual Gem & Mineral Show. I heard about via, which is a website I recently discovered that has a really great list of every gem, mineral, and rock show across the country for the next year.

The show was lots of fun! Indoor and outdoor vendors had large collections of specimens for sale, and each vendor I spoke to was super knowledgeable. They all seemed to really enjoy chatting about the origins, clarity, cuts, and other details about their specimens. There was also a fluorescent room, where it was totally dark and there were rocks and minerals that glowed in crazy colors — we had to wear safety goggles to protect our eyes from the rays!


I think it’s a rare occasion for a gem and mineral show to have a fluorescent room, so we were lucky to catch this one. There are two or three other gem shows coming up in the Philly area within the next few months, which I’m def going to try to check out! I’m after a good deal on a big chunk of something awesome. Here’s my haul from this weekend — lepidolite, selenite, amethyst, pyrite in slate, white quartz, orange quartz, lapis, & some other cool purple shimmery rock: